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New Life K9 Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Blind Marvin is headed to London, Ontario to see an animal ophthalmologist at Western University.  That is why fundraising event like this are a necessity.

This non-profit, foster-based group, rescues dog come from Georgia, USA. They work closely with partner groups such as Doggie Harmony in Decatur, Alpha Dog Rescue Group in Fayetteville and Flint Humane Society in Vienna GA.


The need to rescue in southern Georgia is so big that many young healthy dogs are euthanized weekly. The only reason is there is no room in shelters or animal control offices. Shelters are overcrowded and many dogs who would be loved and adopted in Canada, are euthanized in the southern USA.  

One way the dogs are transported to Canada is via  DART –Delta Airlines Rescue Transport, which is made up of  a group of passionate, animal loving Delta Airline employees and retirees who volunteer their time and free travel to transport rescue pets across the U.S. Their company graciously gives them free travel benefits, though they fly by “standby”. This means they do not have a confirmed seat but are given empty seats on a flight. They are experts at routing, schedules, and choosing the best day and flights for a transport. Everyone involved needs to be flexible and available on the best travel day chosen for the transports to be successful.


Other means of getting the dogs to Canada is Turbo Tails Transport and Ruff Raiders Transport. All shipments arrive in Buffalo, NY where they are picked up and brought across the border fully vetted, spayed, neutered and veterinarian health certified.


They are also proud to say that several of their rescue dogs have graduated from PTSD Training Academy as well as Emotional Support Animals. They have also assisted an organization that is close to this Foundation’s heart which is Citadel Canine Society.  Read more about our involvement with them at: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/our-successes/monetary-donations/citadel-canine-society/


Both New Life K9 Rescue and Citadel see the value of using rescue dogs as service & emotional support dogs, as oppose to breeding dogs.  This takes more time and effort, but we believe it is worth it and we are please to assist both groups in their goals.

Freedom ride to Canada.

Read more about this great service at: www.dartrescuetransport.com/rescues