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Last Chance Horse & Pony Sanctuary & Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

In 3 short weeks you can already see an improvement to “Lucky”

This CRA registered charity was established January 31st, 2002, in Crystal Beach, near Fort Erie, Ontario. Their mission is to give rescued horses and ponies a safe and happy home, where they can recover from whatever injury or neglect they may have suffered and allow them to trust again. They are committed to each individual, ensuring that they will never have a repeat of the abuse and abandonment they may have previously experienced. An equally important goal of their mission is to give the local community the opportunity to learn from and experience the awesomeness of these amazing animals through their many outreach programs including our Animal Therapy Program. The hope is that teaching people will help, so that one day there will be no need for a horse rescue.


View their first promo video that will show the need for such sanctuaries. Sadly, since this was recorded, the beautiful Percheron, they named HOPE has died due to her sustained injuries. During her few short years at this sanctuary she became a favourite to all volunteers and staff.



View this video to show more of the amazing work they do.

Visits to the Sanctuary and the many outreach programs they have such as the Miniature Therapy Horse Program, plus visits to hospitals, senior resident and nursing homes within the community allows everyone, despite restrictions to experience the benefits of being with a horse or pony. 

Reno is an 18-year-old registered American Quarter horse. He came from a slaughterhouse in Ottawa, Ontario. He was rescued by volunteers and brought to this rescue to save his life. When Reno was brought in he was extremely underweight. His registered name is Renos Bay Roper and did barrel racing in his career. But as with a lot of horses, once his usefulness to his fun loving barrel racing owner was over, off to the slaughterhouse they go.

Quinsey, thier baby “Mule”, was born to Penny on April 2, 2019

PENNY is a white and brown miniature horse believed to be around 15 years old.

Penny came to the attention of Last Chance Sanctuary  through the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. 

Which this Foundation is quite familiar with, since we have also supported them.  For more info on this wonderful group, click here:




The Donkey Sanctuary had been called in by their local SPCA about an animal cruelty situation that involved a number of miniature donkeys. When they arrived they found Penny nursing an 8-month-old miniature donkey.


They approached Last Chance about taking Penny in, who was again pregnant and had never really been socialized. Hopefully over time she will learn to trust and realize that she is now surrounded by people who love and care for her.

Cindy, President of DCPRF, visiting the Donkey Sanctuary in Puslinch, Ont., in 2018.

As with most sanctuaries and rescues, their names do not limit the types of animals they rescues.  Such as pictured here.