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Puppy Mill Letter

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Rescue Groups

When a friend contacted the Foundation and said we had to try and stop another Puppy Mill from opening up in the Township of Minto, we got on it right away. I, Cindy Cherry customized it into my words then emailed it to all the people listed below. 

I have also included in a PDF form a version that perhaps you could use to send to all the people listed below. 

The more emails they receive, the sooner they will realize, the world does not need another puppy mill and they should learn what the acronym NIMBY means.

Dear ___________:

I am writing to express my concern over the applications for kennel licences made by Allan Horst and Laura and Julianne Martin. I am very opposed to the granting of these licenses. Thirteen puppy mills in one township is too many, let alone adding to that number. What could possibly motivate one’s self with having so many “licensed” kennels in one district other than the profitability of producing mass amounts of pups for sale?

Any moral person, animal lover or not, would have to be appalled and deeply offended at the conditions under which puppy mill dogs that are bred for profit are kept. It is well known that these dogs often suffer a miserable existence with little or no care, are overbred, deprived of veterinary care and live in confinement with little or no proper socialization. Is this acceptable to anyone but those people that breed dogs for profit? If you are a caring person with some compassion you will deny an application of having yet another “kennel” AKA a puppy mill in your backyard.

It has been brought to my attention and is widely known that hundreds upon hundreds of the puppies being sold out of Minto Township are sick with Coccidia, Giardia, Parvovirus and Brucellosis, in spite of your efforts to manage such kennels as stated in your Kennel Bylaws. Your Bylaws address inspections on such kennels, however it is well known that notice is given to such visits. It is absurd to give weeks or even a day’s notice of an inspection. How completely ludicrous. How foolish does one have to be to think that these operations are not cleaned up in the weeks or days leading up to the inspection. Your Bylaws require that dogs are kept in sanitary conditions and are provided a “sufficient designated space for the proper enrichment and socialization of puppies”. When you have 100’s and 100’s of dogs, do you really think this is possible? That is why surprise/random inspection is so important. Does the Township want accurate information from the inspections or are you just going through the motion?

With the proper documentation that you demand in your Bylaws, such as confirmation of the number of dogs and gender of each dog in these kennels be recorded, and that all dogs are immunized properly, plus all sales with the names and addresses of people who buy puppy mill dogs, this would indicate clearly a major source of income for such operators. All this documentation would be valuable to Revenue Canada, and hopefully you are sharing such information, even though I am sure a lot of these transactions are made in cash.

Your claim is that the kennels in the Town of Minto are required to abide by the guidelines as set up by the “Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations”, from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Assc. However, your reputation proceeds itself in being a haven for Puppy Mills. Is this something you want to be in favor of?

The internet and social media have provided a platform for decent people who want to see a change in demanding tougher laws and their enforcement in dealing with this ongoing concern of puppy mills.  In saying that, Minto Township Council should be cautious in granting licenses to a business that does not have favour of the electorate.

I am asking you to please, start curbing the insatiable need for some people to profit out of the misery of dogs. We, the people that try to be the voice of these poor animals are doing our best to get people to “adopt, not shop”. Could you do your part?



REMEMBER FOLKS: This is very important… only need to compose ONE letter…. HOWEVER, you need to send it to the Mayor, each councillor and each By-Law Officer and the media, separately.   Why?  We have learned throughout the years that if you send one letter and cc everyone else, no one is obligated to respond.   However,  if you send your letter to the Mayor, councillors and by-law officers separately,  they are obligated to respond.   What you can do is “ CC”ONLY the media with each separate email.

Deputy Mayor:  Dave Turton

Councillor: Jean Anderson

Councillor:  Judy Dirksen

Councillor:  Ron Elliott

Councillor:  Geoff Gunson

Councillor:  Mark MacKenzie

Councillor:  David Anderson

By-Law Officer:  Cam Forbes

By-Law Officer:  Terry Kuipers

Then “CC’ it to the media in that town.

To read more about how this Foundation feels about Puppy Mills, click here:

Postscript: August 27, 2020:

In trying to do the right thing in making it easier for dog lovers to assist in the fight against puppy mills, this organization has been accused of not giving credit where credit is due. Therefore, if there were any assumptions made that DCPRF or took credit or even plagiarized (as we were accused of) in regards to the above campaign against Minto Township approving more kennel licenses, it was not our intention. This campaign was initiated by Kimberly Thomas who owns Kismutt Dog Rescue & Boarding.