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Puppy Mills, we all know they’re bad. But . . .

Here at Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, we feel that educating the public is one way to assist in the prevention of cruelty to potential pets. Many well intentioned people (yes, and some of them are my personal friends-you know who you are) who truly love animals, and  have no idea what they are supporting when they buy that cute little puppy online, in a pet store, or from the neighbor down the street.  Everyone has heard the term “puppy mill”, but what does it really mean to you the dog owner?


Just remember when smart people let their heart rule their head, not only do they pay the price, but unfortunately so does the animal.  There are a lot of ways to explain what a puppy mill is and why indirectly you may be supporting such a lucrative industry. Sure, we here at Don Chery’s Pet Rescue Foundation could define, debate, educate you, but I couldn’t do as good a job as this link does


They discuss not only the basics, but address the controversial subjects, such as backyard breeders vs puppy mills, Canadian Laws, and my favorite untouchable subject: “Buyer Beware”.  I, Cindy Cherry, can’t go down that path., my lawyers cost too much.


So when you see cute little puppies in a retail store, or cute pictures on-line, at farmers’ markets, etc., chances are they come from such a facility.  The mothers of these adorable pups are usually malnourished and are bred every heat cycle and fed the bare minimum to keep them alive. You have to realize this is a high stakes business, so keeping costs down only makes good business sense and is done at the expense and well being of the breeder dogs.


Impulse buying no matter what you are purchasing, a car, house or pet, is usually not a good idea. So when your heart strings are tugged by that cute little doggie for sale, think of what kind of an industry you’re are supporting. Sure it’s tough to resist buying, or in some cases, rationalizing you are ‘saving’ it, but be strong.  For if there wasn’t a market for puppy mill dogs, the industry wouldn’t exist. There is a simple solution: “ADOPT, DON’T SHOP”.  Yes, it’s in all capital letters, cause yes, I am shouting., very loud, so you won’t be part of the problem!


My Dad, Don Cherry, says not to get too graphic or militant with the pictures to make my point, so I will have to ask his permission, if I can use at least 1 tough looking picture like this one.  So, I will do my disclaimer now: “I am “sorry” if this offends anyone.“