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Wolfe Island Friends of Ferals


Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

When you hear of an organization that sees a problem, puts together a band of volunteers to rectify this problem, you have to admire them. We here at this Foundation not only can admire them but assist them in their efforts.


A perfect example of this is the situation that the local residents of Wolfe Island had. Largest of all the 1000 Islands, and a ferry ride away from Don’s beloved hometown of Kingston, Ontario.  It had become a known destination for people to dump their unwanted cats. Then survival instincts set in for these now homeless cats, and they go feral reverting to  their ancestral ways to stay alive.


Once these cats go feral, the best way to curb their breeding colonies is to administer  the program of “TNR”. A procedure you will read a lot about in dealing with colonies of cats. Trapping them, and then getting them nurtured/spayed. An interesting fact is then their ears’ are “notched”, to indicate they have been previously captured. They are then returned to their colony, to live out their feral life.  These cats can very rarely be domesticated and be adopted. This process costs money and time of a very dedicated group of volunteers.


It is this kind of effort by people who see a problem, and band together to solve it, that we love to support. 


Congrats to the locals of Wolfe Island.