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Virden Pet Network

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Rescued Feline “Ambrose” learning & benefitting the art of Foster Care.  Read Cindy’s Blog about Fostering at https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/the-advantages-of-fostering/

The necessary “Board of Directors”
Founders: Heather Reimer (Far Lft), Bev Bailey (2nd from Lft-what a great name!)
Kathy Heaman-Rescue Manager and Margaret James (Far Rt)

Love this cartoon, since it was put in this article in the Month of March 2020, when the “hysteria” was greatly effecting the rescue world.  

This all volunteered organization was established in 2008, with their mission being to help their community in southwestern Manitoba address the problem of feline overpopulation. They accomplish this by taking stray cats and kittens into their care, placing them in temporary foster homes, having them treated for emergent conditions, vaccinating and altering, and adopting them into responsible homes. They also conduct humane education in their community, plus provide programs to help prevent unwanted litters and provide a better quality of life for companion animals


Their goals are also reached  by having Low Cost Spay Neuter programs, while collaborating with the Virden Animal Hospital to share costs of spay-neuter surgeries for both dogs and cats owned by limited income individuals and families. Their Barn Buddies program focuses on stray cats unsuitable to be house pets which are then altered, vaccinated and offered at a reduced adoption fee to live as outdoor farm cats.


They also have an alliance with Town of Virden Animal Control officers to prevent euthanasia of unclaimed animals at the pound. By which they take them into their care and rehabilitate them while providing vet care which includes spay/neuter, and finally finding them homes.


With so many feral felines there is no doubt there is a need to reduce the incidence of viral feline diseases FIV and FelV in their region. They accomplish this goal by taking infected strays off the streets, providing the vet care they need, and placing them with owners who understand their special health needs and accept the likelihood of a reduced lifespan.


To accomplish all these well thought out and necessary goals, they turned to this Foundation for assistance and we were glad to give them a $1000.00 Grant.

And please remember, when you donate to us, we do the leg work in distributing your money to appropriate legitimate Rescues of all kinds across Canada. https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/donate/