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Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry


I, Cindy Cherry could explain their great work, but I believe Jade Graham, President of UnderDog Rescue, says it best in her thank letter below on how important it is for a Foundation such as ours to support her 100% volunteer organization.  So…after reading her update on how our donation supports her never ending struggles, plus checking out these beautiful dogs’ pictures, please click here and help us assist people in the trenches that are making the world a more fair place for these misunderstood “power breeds”.  Just think if these pictured dogs had stayed in Ontario, they would be dead. 


Hi Cindy,


We recently received a cheque from your amazing organization and we wanted to say thank you so much! I was unexpected, but so very appreciated.  I am from Kingston, Ontario, so it holds a very special place for me to help Ontario pit bull type dogs escape BSL there.  We took in three sisters from Ontario over a year ago and one of those sisters named Penny, is actually a certified therapy dog now and makes everyone happy when she visits them in different hospitals.  She is just an amazing little girl.  We have taken in so many amazing pittys from Ontario, that BSL will always baffle us.  Diego came to us and people said they were scared of him, that boy is the biggest softy you could ever meet.  Lives with an amazing family with two young boys, who he sleeps with every night and they walk.  We recently took in a young female from Toronto and she is just the absolute wiggliest, sweetest girl.  She ended up needing surgery for a mass in her stomach, because someone dumped her and she was only able to find rocks to eat before she came to us.  So, as you can see, we have so many stories of these wonderful dogs and are so appreciative of support from organizations and people like you guys.  Our dogs definitely thank you as well, and here are some pictures of some of the Ontario dogs we have been able to save.


Kind Regards,


Jade Graham




So Folks, it is Thank you letters such as this, that makes me realize that the time I put into making this Foundation a go., is worth my while.  Can there be a better way to spend your time?  I don’t think so.