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Toronto Cat Rescue

Toronto Cat Rescue has grown substantially in the last 24 years and is seen as a leader in the area of cat rescue and one of the largest in Canada. They are frequently contacted by organizations and shelters such as Humane Society International. Their goal is to be a model for other cat rescues, humane societies, and other animal welfare organizations. You can see there efficiency by reviewing their list of Volunteer Roles and the specific jobs they are trained to do. From Adoption Counselors & Administrators to Co-ordinators of Community Outreach, Donations, Fundraising, Intake, Newsletters, Social Media, Website, 3rd Party Fundraising, Vet Clinic, Foster Homes, plus of course the job everyone loves: Cat Caretaker.  To handle such responsibilities they have close to 1000 volunteers, and their foster homes are at the 400+ mark.


They have no shelter facility, but in 2016 they opened a Volunteer Center in Etobicoke, Ontario.  This unique space assists them in their mission to rescue and find homes for abandoned, sick, or injured cats coming from situations of abuse, neglect, or imminent euthanasia.  And in that year close to 2650 were brought into their programs and almost 2500 were adopted.  Now those are stats that any rescue would be proud to boast about.  So it was with much pleasure that this Foundation could be a part of such a well-oiled machine.



Please check them out at: www.torontocatrescue.ca

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