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The Kitten Suites Kitten Rescue Society

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

This foster based kitten rescue in Pictou County, N.S. has a never-ending stream of barn and feral kittens, plus the two negative extremes of pet ownership, abandonment and owner- surrender. Once taken in these felines are tested for disease, treated for parasites, receive vaccinations, plus are socialized, spayed/neutered at 6 months of age, and then adopted into approved loving homes.

Their adoption fees vary from $150.00 (cats over 1 year of age) and $195.00 for kittens.

It has been known for some potential adopters to begrudge paying these fees. It is these types that just don’t understand the expense and investment rescues put into these abandoned animals. Some adopters feel they should be happy that there are people willing to give animals loving homes. It is this type of limited thinking that makes one realize how some people just don’t get the concept of people that devote their lives to rescue. They don’t seem to realize that most rescue groups are made up of dedicated volunteers and are not the “hired” help. I have witnessed myself, (author of this article, Cindy Cherry) how some people talk to rescuers, in the fact that they have to bend backwards to accommodate adopters.
I’ve said to my friends when I have heard the way they get talked to, “that these people think that you are getting paid for this. They don’t realize that you have a “real” job, and you do this in all your spare time.” So please, don’t begrudge any rescue group their adoption fees. You can bet that the money that was put into many of these sick cats, can’t ever be paid by adoption fees. Many have their source of real income by pure cash donations (such as what we here at this Foundation do) or mostly through fundraising events.


Another thing I love about this organization is their adoption application.




It even has some trick questions in it. Some people take great offense when they fail the application questionnaire or find it too intrusive. If you are a fan of the TV comedy show Modern Family, you will see Cam’s reaction when he is turned down to adopt a kitten. It’s a classic.




I have a very close friend, who I can tell this story about, for I know she will never read this article, as with most people. Her daughter, who is a single 27-year-old living in a tall high-rise in Toronto was turned down to adopt a dog from a particular rescue I was familiar with. My friend proceeded to crucify the rescue group on how unfair, short minded, petty, ect., they were. I listened to this rant as I was petting their newly adopted dog, (obviously adopted from a not as strict rescue) cause the the girl had dumped off the dog for dog-sitting when she had to go out of town. (do you see the irony?) I was going to point out this fact and give justifications on why most rescues would not find her daughter a suitable adopter, but did I really want to put a damper on our “ladies who lunch day”? Plus, I have reached a stage of my life that I am not a “right fighter”, as Dr. Phil terms it, and I really didn’t care.

So, remember adoption fees and questionnaires have a point. Come to think about it, perhaps they should have a simple questionnaire before you decide to have kids. Just a thought!