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The Baccalieu Trail SPCA

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Stage 1


One of their biggest accomplishment is the building of an animal shelter in their area. Since this organization started in 2011, they have been helping as many animals as they could with the help of foster homes. The nearest animal shelter was about 90 minutes away from their large geographic area (which covers about 70 small rural communities and towns). Building an animal shelter in their area has been one of their long-term goals. They started building it in early 2019 and is near completion in mid 2020. To view their progress, click here:


The money for this shelter has come from donations, such as from this Foundation, whose money will be used to outfit their new dog kennels in their new facility. Plus, their never-ending fundraising efforts from their small group of volunteers and board members.


Other accomplishments have been the start of a low income spay and neuter program. In the spring of 2020, they started round #6 of their PetFix program and by then have spayed and neutered more than 500 companion animals. They have also committed to starting their Hayley Program once their new shelter opens (caring for animals when owners are fleeing their homes because of family violence). They have also started a school education program (BT SPCA CARES), as well as a Why Litter? Program. This Program helps owners spay and neuter animals after giving birth (when deemed appropriate by a vet) while finding homes for their kittens and puppies after being spayed/neutered or with a spay/neuter contract in place (depending on age of animal).


Check out their adoptable pets at: www.clarenvilleareaspca.ca/adopt-a-pet

Groundbreaking ceremonies are always so exciting.

Progess, and lots of planning!

Final Product.