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The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Laura was rescued from a “backyard” mini-donkey mill.  Rescue groups get prepared if any animal gets in vogue for you know they will soon be abandoned when reality sets in.

The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary was established in early 2017, after a husband and wife team purchased a rural 32-acre, century old dairy farm in Wainfleet, Ontario. Although they were animal lovers and had travelled the world volunteering at sanctuaries, they never had the intention of starting their own.

Warning bells should gone off to them upon purchase, when there was one lone chicken in the coop that hadn’t been properly taken care of. They then wrote into their purchase agreement under “chattels” to include this chicken.  Chattel is now the thriving ‘Queen of the Coop’!

Once on the farm, and as with most animal lovers with a barn and lots of empty space, of course they started taking in rescues. One turned into two and two turned into twenty and so on.

Every one of their critters are rescues, most with a difficult past. Some of them have ongoing issues – some are learning to trust humans again. After looking into each arrival eyes’ they are promised forever sanctuary there, and are accepted for who they are. They need to provide no service in return – there is no selling of meat, eggs, or milk and they are not a petting zoo. They are respected as sentient beings, and provided not only with food, shelter, and medical care, but also with compassion, companionship, and quality of life.


Read more about their new arrivals everyday at:


Bert and Ernie are another example of being victims of the “mini” pig fad, or being in vogue. Once they get big their appeal for selfies gets old and soon they are discarded.

Alpacas are valued for their fleece, but unfortunately for Humphrey he was rejected due to his darker saddle back, for the preference is for lighter dye able fleece. So, abandoned he is. 

Fable was rescue from a horrible farm seizure near Sarnia, Ontario in the spring of 2017.

Eligh, a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, AKA “Prince of the Menagerie”- Was rescued in Louisiana when tied to a tree with no food or water for days. His days are spent barking in the pastures letting all coyotes and predators he is on guard and this is his territory.

Chattel, AKA “Queen of the Coop”.