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Strays that Can’t Pay

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

This dog was left in a cold shed for a few days before rescue. Just look at him… from almost dead to a beloved pet in his new home.

A rescue group in Manitoba that takes on the daunting task of rescuing mostly dogs and some other animals such as horses and cats in First Nation Communities. 


Through education, information, support and guidance with no judgement or criticism, plus a mutual trust and respect, they go out and get involved with these communities that need help with their out of control stray dog problem. 


It is important to inspire change to these communities through leadership and showing what needs to be done, as oppose to telling people what needs to be done. 


I am sure at times this must be a very frustrating and a never-ending challenge, so it is because of this dedication we are so glad to support their cause.


For a comprehensive & moving video on their work, click here:






Please check them out at: www.straysthatcantpay.ca



EPILOGUE: The OSPCA recognizes the issue of the Northern Dog overpopulation & has initiated   a program throughout Canada called “The Year of the Northern Dog”.  Its aim is to bring awareness, attention, & action to this on-going crisis in Northern Indigenous, urban, & rural communities:

For more info on their efforts click here:  


This is why it’s important to support rescues groups such as this.