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Sheba’s Haven Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

As President of Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation I am the first stepping stone of many, on where our funds should go.  I heard of a unique place around the Kingston area called Sheba’s Haven Rescue.


The next step is to check out their website.  As I have been doing this with all the rescues we have donated to, I began to see a common denominator in a lot of them.  The passion of the organization comes from the Founder.  In this case that person is  Catherine Pokrywa. click here to read Sheba’s story. She was inspired by her dog Sheba,  to rescue palliative dogs with life-limiting non-curative illnesses and give them a place to live out their lives in a well-balanced environment as part of her organization’s family.  This means they are free to roam indoors or outside in a fenced in 3 acre property.  Check out the link here to read about their success stories.


In the past,  I have adopted 2 rescue dogs, both seniors.  They have a certain soulful look to them, that if only you could see the horrors they have lived.  My first rescue Lucy was my inspiration in getting involved in rescue.  Click here to read Lucy’s story. I also read with interest how Catherine had a friend Michelle Kemp who dragged her to shelters looking for a pet to adopt.  It was there she learned about how many homeless dogs there  were out there, and her heart went out especially to the senior dogs. The Michelle Kemp in my life if my best friend Carla Costa.  It was my Dad, Don Cherry who said I have to meet this extraordinary lady.   She was then associated  with a rescue group in Mississauga that my dad donated to at the time.  I really had no interest to call up this complete stranger, but for my Dad, I did.  Our first conversation was for 2 hours.  Then we meant for an early  lunch that lasted so long, we ordered  dinner.  It was her who opened up my eyes to this world of rescue.  She is my voice of knowledge, reason, and most importantly, a sounding board. Trust me, we all need Michelles and Carlas in our lives.