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Save Me Dog Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry


This CRA registered charity based in Carlisle, Ontario has rescued over 1600 dogs since being founded in 2012. They average about 200 adoptions per year and spend an average of $800.00 per dog in their care.
Over the years they have developed great relationships with shelters in the United States, organizations/people in Quebec trying to save dogs from gassing pounds, local shelters and rescue partners working in Northern Ontario communities. They do not shy away from rescuing seniors or dogs with medical needs. Once a dog becomes a part of the Save Me family, they do everything in their power get them ready and find them their forever family. In addition to any vet care that may be needed, they also include working with trainers if the dog has behavioural issues beyond the foster home’s capabilities.
Here are just a few of the challenges they have had with some of their rescues that after much effort, patience and cash, all got great homes.
Rudy required surgery to repair a torn ACL and unfortunately had an incident in foster care, where her foster dad tried to break up a squabble between Rudy and their dog which resulted in Rudy accidently biting her foster dad’s hand. Based on the circumstances around the bite, they knew that this was not intentional, so Rudy was re-assessed after 8 months with a trainer and became a beloved family pet.

Sara was saved from a gassing pound in Quebec. She was an owner surrender but had been badly neglected. She arrived with hair loss, flaky skin, infected eyes, extremely overgrown nails and a number of wounds all over her body, plus needed extensive dental work. She was given antibiotic injections; eye drops and much needed mani-pedi. Her blood work indicated she had Cushing’s Disease. Save Me Dog Rescue spent over $3000 to get this poor little thing ready for her adoptive family.

Sophia and Rosie are a senior bonded pair. They were found as strays in August 2020 and taken to a shelter in Quebec. Lucky for them Save Me Dog Rescue has good relationship with pounds in Quebec and with some quality vet care and TLC from their foster mother Collen they soon got adopted here in Ontario.

These are just a few stories of the many dogs Save Me Dog rescues. To view all of their dogs that have similar hard luck stories, go to: