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Save A Dog Network

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Reality check: $86.50 for a case of water

Based out of Winnipeg since 2013, this non for profit organization provides networking support and supplies food and essentials to approximately 30 First Nations, such as Black River, Hollow Water, Red Sucker Lake.  They also assist to provide education, along with veterinary care.


This comes in the form of vaccinations, deworming, and of course spay and neuter clinics. They receive hundreds of calls, messages, and emails about sick, injured, and abused dogs in need, of which they cannot keep up with. The only way they can see this changing is with better support from the Chiefs and Council,  gov’t, and locals.


Change and attitude is coming slowly from the community members, even though they live without running water in their homes, and pay astronomical gas and food prices.  One volunteer had to pay $86.51 for a case of water. (see receipt pictured on this page for a reality check).


So it is with much pleasure that this 100% volunteer organization can be a part of our mission to assist those that in the trenches to make Canada a better place for animals.

Please check them out at: www.saveadognetwork.ca

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