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Precious Paws Rescue Inc.

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Squirtle, 1 of the 4 dogs that Precious Paws took in from a hoarding situation in February 2020.  Over 40 dogs were rescued from one house.  No one rescue could obviously take on all 40.

As with most rescue organizations that don’t have a facility, their homeless dogs stay in private foster homes where they can receive all the TLC they so desperately need.  This gives them a chance to properly assess the dogs in a home environment.  Each of these dogs, as with most reliable rescues, are fully vetted, including spay/neuter and microchipping before adoption.


In 2015 they saw a need to start “Boo’s Fund” – a fund that endeavors to keep more families together when medical emergencies arise with beloved pets. Sometimes good pet owners fall on hard times and are unable to afford an injury or acute illness with a pet. Most often those owners are forced to euthanize their companion or surrender them to a shelter or rescue to ensure they receive the care they need. Precious Paws would prefer to keep well cared for dogs out of the shelter/rescue “system” which is why they saw the need to create Boo’s Fund.


When funds are available, which is why we decided to support them, they provide pet owners with the money needed to assist with emergency veterinary care, so that dogs don’t lose the family they love and so that there are fewer dogs in need of shelter/rescue assistance.


To view their adoptable dogs, go to: https://www.preciouspawsrescue.ca/adoptable-dogs

Toby, 2nd of the 4 saved from a hoarder.

Dandy, 1 of the 4 taken in by PP, from a hoarding situation.  Not quite as bad as bathing in her own urine and feces as where others, but still traumatized just the same. 

Why we need to support rescue groups!  I am sure the owners pleaded “ignorance” in addressing such abuse.  Which is bliss for them.