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Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Inc.

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Get them young to teach them to respect nature, not abuse and kill for fun.

Even though the title of this Foundation has “pet rescue” in it, we feel it is also important to support organizations that assist our wildlife here in Canada.  We felt the “PWRC” hits that target right between the eyes.


Their main goal is to treat injured and orphaned wildlife and to successfully release them back into their natural habitat. Plus maximize survival rates and ensure integration once back in the wild.  PWRC uses effective and state of the art rehabilitation techniques, such as integrative medical therapies, including both conventional and homeopathic medications, as well as attention to environmental enrichment techniques. They also take an active role in public education regarding wildlife issues as well as research activities including tracking released animals and documenting the success of natural treatments to assist other wildlife rehabilitation organizations.


In 2018 they had admissions of over 1300 wildlife patients! That year also brought many hardships for the American Crow and Merlin (a small to medium size Falcon)  populations in Manitoba, so PWRC initiated the investigation on the affected animals by approaching the province to test for West Nile virus! Though these numbers were devastating, they did have some successful releases from this group of affected avians!


DCPRF fund’s were to assist them in their Babies, Bunnies and Beaks education program! This unique presentation is designed for children, kindergarten to grade 2, where they are introduced to the world of baby wildlife that can be found right in their own backyards! They learn about nestling and fledgling birds and infant mammals such as rabbits and squirrels! Their education team talks about the difference in taking care of domestic rabbits vs. wild rabbits found in nature and the special needs that each of these creatures require! These talks include a special visit from their  adopted domestic rabbit ambassadors, Dodger and Lulu! These talks not only strengthen children’s awareness of our Manitoba wildlife populations, but also draws attention to the adoption of domestic animals in need and provides children with an interactive way of connecting with both the environment and their community!


For more information on this much needed organization, click here:


1 of the 1000’s  of animals given a new lease on life via this much needed  organization.

Erroneously called the “pigeon” hawk, the Merlin is a true Falcon and has a unique hunting style in which they stun & catch prey (ironically pigeons) in mid-flight.