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Paws for Hope

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Established in 2011, this British Columbia organization is committed to create a better, more sustainable animal welfare system. They believe that in order to best help pets you need to also help people. This is evident by their flagship program, “Roxy’s Relief” which provides free animal health clinics and veterinary care assistance to homeless, street-involved, low-income pet guardians. To date, they have held over 30 clinics and provided veterinary care for 1500 pets.


In 2015, they launched a Spay Aid BC program to help provide spay and neuter surgeries for pets in low-income families.


They also established in 2017 The Animal Welfare Advisory Network of BC, a collaborative of BC organizations working together to transform companion animal welfare.


In 2018 they presented the Rescue Organization Standards of Practice at the Canadian Federation of Humane Society’s Conference.


Other campaigns are:

“Our Pets Are Not Products”- which aims to bring awareness to the inhumane business practice of puppy mills and backyard breeders.

“Cruelty Free BC”- which educates consumers on the inhumane & unnecessary practice of animal testing for cosmetics & household products, plus the misleading labeling of “cruelty free” products and how to identify the real thing.  They also promote local BC companies to make cruelty free products.

Pictured here 2012, 1-legged Crystal was the first pet they assisted with vet care.

They were there for 11 year old Sahara, when her owner couldn’t afford the medication for her skin issues.