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Paws & Claws Animal Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

You can only imagine the vet bills to bring back this one pup to be healthy enough to be adopted, as she eventually was, as seen by the pictures above.

Meet Hope, she was found on a First Nation Reserve by the RCMP when she was only 8 weeks old.  The officer knew she just wasn’t right so called a volunteer of Paws & Claws for help.


Without hesitation she was taken to the vet. It broke their heart when the vet told them that she was probably thrown from a vehicle, or kicked very hard or thrown off a balcony as this little girl’s intestines were in her chest😢


So immediately the vet made an appointment in Saskatoon for emergency surgery, where she pulled through with flying colors.


To view their adoptable dogs: https://www.pawsandclawsanimalrescue.ca/adoptable-dogs

To view their adoptable puppies: https://www.pawsandclawsanimalrescue.ca/adoptable-puppies

To view their adoptable cats: https://www.pawsandclawsanimalrescue.ca/adoptable-cats

By 7am after a morning post on Facebook, they had over 6700 views, with 570 comments and shares.  Gotta love social media.  Sometimes it works for ya, sometimes…not so much.

Remember…most rescues are more than just saving dogs and cats as seen by these pictures.  Plus they know not all animals can be adopted.  For instance, check out their “Barn Cat Program” at https://www.pawsandclawsanimalrescue.ca/adoption#faqnoanchor

 What a great idea!  Remember….most missions of rescues groups is to improve animal welfare for all.