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Parachute for Pets

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

We support this group due to them understanding and celebrating the human-animal bond. They proactively work toward building strong community support systems to protect the connection between people and their animals. Their mission is to ensure people facing a variety of life challenges (poverty, escaping domestic abuse, loss of income, etc.) can continue to ensure their pet is well cared for and they can continue to benefit from pet ownership. So, they created this charity to help low-income pet owners care for their animals by paying for vet bills, medication, food and grooming.


In December 2020, in partnership with Calgary Flames’ center Mikael Backlund, Lily’s Legacy was launched. This program supports children whose living situation has changed due to parent’s being laid off, fleeing domestic abuse and other situations that put children at risk. Being able to support the child and their pet during these transitionary periods provides the child with some sense of normalcy and the support of their pet who often was the only constant in their life.


Here are some of their accomplishments, firsthand:

“Hemi’s mom contacted them frantically when after he had been ill for a few days he no longer had the strength to stand up on his own. She had been calling around frantically but could not get a vet to accept any payment plans. His mom suffers from a sever medical condition and lives on a fixed income. She was unable to afford the full amount for Hemi to be examined and treated. This group of volunteers were able to get Hemi veterinary care immediately and he recovered quickly! This is him dressed up for Halloween this year.”

“Knuckles young owner had just received an organ transplant when Knuckles developed an abscess around his jaw. With the family being busy at the hospital it went undetected for a few days until his whole face was swollen. When a recovering child asks you to save his cat, you save his cat! We are happy to report Knuckles is happy and healthy today and so is his owner!”

“Sadie was rushed to the vet with multiple large bladder stones. Her owner who is physical impaired and only has Sadie for family was informed there were two options: emergency surgery or euthanasia. When the Parachute for Pets were contacted, the owner was so distraught, it was hard to understand her on the phone. Sadie was her only family. Happily, due to donations, they had the money to save her”

It is stories like this, that make it important to support the people that volunteer their time to these groups. It is our goal to make the public aware of all these rescue groups that you may have not of heard of.


Check out their stats for Food Hampers delivered, Domestic Violence cases, Vet patients treated, and Emergency Pet Packs delivered this year at: