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Northern Animal Rescue Humane Society

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

A Rescue Van, what a blessing that must be.

Start them young about fundraising.

This organization leads by example of combining a Humane Society philosophy, and being smart minded enough to sign a contract with the city to provide animal control services to the community. That leads the way to use the city’s pound facility and hire a full time employee.  Prior to this partnership animal care was provided by board members and through foster homes.


They are instrumental in improving access to veterinary care to under-resourced pets and their owners by forming an important partnership with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and facilitating/ hosting 2 spay/neuter clinic annually and offering financial subsidies to low income families. Since May of 2014, they have had 9 spay/neuter clinic and over 900 animals have been sterilized and over 1000 have received vet checks, vaccinations and rabies shots.


During the Wildfires of 2015, a few of their board members stayed behind and worked with local officials to help evacuate animals from high- risk areas and to care for the hundreds of animals that were left behind. They then called upon their many southern contacts to temporarily house animals and to collect food and supplies to be distributed to animals in need. Following this crisis, the Saskatoon SPCA asked them to develop an emergency evacuation plan which is now being used as a prototype for the entire province.


Their hard work and dedication and countless hours of volunteer work have enabled them to save over 5000 animals from their conception in 2009 to 2019. A lot of these animals would normally not have access vet, so you can see how they fill a much-needed void.  Because of this fact we were so pleased to assist them in their efforts.


Please read more about the work they do at https://www.northernanimalrescue.com/

Why we need to support the people that are in the trenches saving homeless dogs, such as this one.

Small longhaired breeds don’t make good Northern Dogs. Check out another matted glob named Shadow, who this Foundation was instrumental in saving from this type of fate. Click here to read Shadow’s Story