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Manitoba Underdogs Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

These dogs’ eyes say it all, “have you come to rescue me?”

From the Pinaymootang 1st Nation Community: “Yes, there is hope”, thanks to Manitoba Underdogs


Manitoba Underdogs Rescue is a registered charity/non-profit organization. They are 100% volunteer run and foster-home based. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, care for, and ultimately seek out permanent and loving homes for Manitoba’s unwanted animals.


They work alongside Manitoban communities to bring dogs in need into care and provide the highest level of foster and veterinary care to all dogs in their foster and adoption programs. One way they accomplish this is to partner with local organizations to help control animal population in Manitoba. Their “Fix It” program is set up to:


  • Support and host information sessions and events to create awareness about the benefits of controlling the animal population of Manitoba.
  • Run spay and neuter clinics in high risk Manitoba communities and provide subsidized services for low income households;
  • Partner with provincial initiatives that aim to address pet overpopulation.


The result of such programs, include having held in 2018 four mobile spay/neuter clinics in First Nations communities. These clinics resulted in 207 owned pets in these communities being spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for a variety of ailments. Their “Beat The Heat” type initiatives (where the animals come into a vet in the city and are returned after recovery) saw an additional 35 dogs spayed/neutered.


So you can see this Rescue group is very well organized and focused on their mission.  There website is a joy to review.  On their home page it gives updated stats on the # of Dogs in Care (63), Ready for adoption (31), Adoptions this year (78) and animals rescued to date, which in this case is May 26, 2019 is (2000).  Gotta love it!

We as a Foundation have come in contact with many great organizations like this one, that face challenges that many of us in Canada don’t even know exist. We distribute as much money as we can, but if you want to directly help this organization or want to read more about their accomplishments, please click on the link below:.

Nice to see responsible dog ownership. Lets hope the children take note.

Remember………. 100% volunteers. And how do you spend your free time?

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