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Manitoba Mutts

Manitoba Mutts was founded by Rebecca Norman and Sara Robinson in 2011.  As with most dog rescuers they have a dream, and theirs was to alleviate the struggle and suffering to hundreds of stray animals living in Winnipeg and communities throughout rural Manitoba.  In 2017 they rescued, provided vet care,  and found homes for over 500 animals. 


Check out their promo below with just one campaign about their special Mondays.  Their adoption stats for just 2 week periods, would be the envy of many rescue groups.  Glad we could be a part of their on-going success stories.



Please check them out at: www.manitobamutts.org

Some shared photos:

2 weeks in Oct.,2018 = 27 adoptions.

Nov. 2018 21 adoptions in a 2 week span.

In 2 weeks in Aug. 2018, 12 animals found a new home.