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Love Those Seniors

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

2 Broken legs which at this stage, her left leg is getting no blood supply cause that bandage is too tight.

Meet sweet Coco, a 6 lb. Yorkie puppy that was dumped at the shelter after she broke both front legs within 2 weeks! She needed orthopedic surgery, or the breaks would never had healed. She was only 12 months old. Her owners had her up on the bed & when she jumped down, she broke the radius & ulna bone in her left front leg. Less than 2 weeks later, her owners had her up on the bed yet again, and when she jumped down she broke the right front anklebone. No one said you needed brains to own a dog.  The owners then refused anymore orthopedic requirements & left her at the shelter stating that they couldn’t give her medication or calm her down. That’s when  Love Those Seniors & More stepped in to save this wonderful little dog’s life.


But wait, this happy ending has more saga before it gets better. Seems the owner’s vet when bandaging the left leg, did it too tight.  So when Love Those Seniors’ vet looked at both legs, she could see the left leg had lost all circulation and had to amputate it. By this time vet bills where in the thousands. The good news is CoCo is recuperating in a wonderful Foster home, but still has a long road of rehabilitation to go.


It is stories like this, that makes you realize how lucky we are as a society, that there are people like Sue, who see a need to rescue dogs from not only idiots like CoCo’s original owners, but assists seniors and people with disabilities  that can no longer take care of their pet. That is why this Foundation was formed, to support people like Sue, who takes “loving dogs”, to a whole new level of meaningness.  


Little CoCo as a tri-pod, but adapting well.

Necessity is the mother of inventions.

Sue- Founder of Love Those Seniors and More.