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Little Mittens Animal Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

This organization serves the community of Golden, BC and its surrounding area. Originally started by a couple of animal lovers that were determined to address a community-wide problem which affects many towns and that is the feral cat dilemma. This blossomed into homing unwanted and/or abandoned domestic animals.


Then due to them receiving a donation of 20 acres of land, they have since joined the world of rescuing injured and orphaned wildlife for the purpose of rehabilitating & releasing them back to their native homes. They rely on grants, like the one they received from DCPRF, bursaries & donations to operate the demanding needs of such a facility.  

Check out their adoptable pets, including their “Mouser Cats” at:


To rescue all these animals you need to be a certified animal rehabilitator. What an accomplishment!