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Second Hope Circle

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Need we say more, when you look at the programs they have developed.  Gotta love it.

In 2011  when a bunch of like-minded individuals  in Oakville,  realized the importance in keeping  people and pets together in Ontario through community programs, humane education and financial assistance, 2nd Hope Circle was established. They believed that pets are family and no one should have to be separated from them due to domestic violence, homelessness, financial difficulty, health, or emergency situations.


To back up their theory they completed an introductory study into how pets affect the lives of people experiencing poverty and precarity in Ontario. This study highlighted the need for discussion with veterinarians on how to provide services for individuals with low income (good luck with that). It also indicated that animal welfare professionals need sensitivity training on the experiences of pet guardians in the midst of precarity. Additional findings from the interview phase included the need for pet friendly transit and food banks, and that pets literally save their guardians lives when it comes to mental illness.


Therefore they established their mandate to assist individuals who are out of options but wish to stay with their pet.They accomplish this in several ways, such as advertising about someone who is homeless, in the hopes that someone in that area could temporarily take care of that person’s pet. They also provide financial assistance to a pet guardian needing veterinary prescription food for their pet. Plus they have even offered behavioural consultation for a cat who was attacking their guardian and at risk of being euthanized. Their most recent accomplishment is the development of a new program that highlights the benefits of fostering animals and answering questions to help people see that they can foster animals in their community. Fostering Senior Pets has a YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook that engage audiences and promote pet fostering across the country.



So once again, not only do we support organizations such as this, but we like to expose to the public how individual rescues specialize in their mandate. Sometimes it is hard for a person to make an educated decision on who they want to donate to.  That is where we come in and do the investigation of these types of rescues to make sure they are legit.  As the idea of “adopt, don’t shop”, becomes more than just a slogan, but the politically correct thing to do, there are more and more “rescue organizations”  that are one step away from being hoarders, or just as bad, making a handsome wage out of adoption fees.  So please, if you want to give money to help rescues across Canada, but don’t know where to turn, please consider us.  We do the legwork in making sure your money gets into legitimate hands.  Click here to donate: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/donate/

There are a lot of misinformation out there concerning you and your pet. Get educated!

The evidence speaks for itself. 

Finally, a bake sale that is healthy.  Who would have thought?