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Hearts on Noses Sanctuary

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Willie (1993-2003) the inspiration for the Hearts on Noses Sanctuary.

Located in Mission, B.C. and established in 1999 as a sanctuary for potbelly pigs.  These “mini-pigs” were quite in vogue in the 80’s and 90’s. For instance, does anyone remember George Clooney’s famous pet pig Max? It did not help that he made them popular, for of course, everyone would want to be like him.  It was painfully overweight, and he constantly joked about it.



This follows the same logic as Elvis having a monkey called Scatter, and who could forget Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee, Bubbles.  These “unique” people wanted to be even more unique then they already are.  So guess who pays the price?  The animals.  What is vogue and popular, never turns out well for the animals.   The “carneys” in life, try to sell “mini-pigs” to gullible people, that see it as a cute piglet, not knowing that these mix-breed pigs, can then grow huge.


Heart On Noses with check from the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescye Foundation.

They have no idea of their final size, behaviors, needs, and what a commitment they truly are.   They just thought what a cute smart pig Arnold was on Green Acres, many years ago.  (yes, I, Cindy Cherry the author of this write, is dating herself).  In comes a person like Lorelei Pullman.


Inspired by her first encounter to a mini pig, called Willie pictured here, she established Hearts with Noses.  It is refuge from the harsh world that sees these intelligent creatures as property.


Easily discarded in our disposable society when their existence is too inconvenient for their owners.  So, that is why this Foundation is happy to contribute to Lorelei passion in saving these beautiful creatures.