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Friends of Feral Cats

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Rescuers’ vehicles while not glamorous are well utilized to say the least.

The work that would go into managing 25 feral cat colonies is amazing.  With that comes dedicated cat lovers that often take on expenses themselves. They transport rescued and adopted felines to and from veterinary clinics for parasite control, vaccinations, first aid, and most importantly sterilization.  


Also with running a rescue comes the accounting, documentation, scheduling of volunteers.  It takes a minimum of 3 volunteers per car to purchase and distribute food for the daily feedings and monitoring of these 25 colonies.


They get no government/city funding, and there is no SPCA close by. They rely totally on monetary donations which is what we were happy to do to alleviate some of their money challenges. 

The never-ending crisis of feral cats.

Fundraising, we all need to do it.  Thank goodness for volunteers, the backbone of all rescue groups. Sometimes we all wonder if it’s not just easier to write “the check cheque”.