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Finding Them Homes

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Finding Them Homes Jules & Lisa DeZoete with Cindy Cherry

Finding them Homes is located in Barrie, Ontario dedicated to taking in dogs from remote fly-in communities, reserves, ect.  These dogs are the hard to place kind, that are large and not easy to work with such as Huskies, Shepherds, and Crossbreeds.  They are a solid group with a great reputation and have made a big difference in the far North were there are thousands of strays.  Their involvement in spay and neuter  programs, administration of vaccines, distribution of dog supplies,  has  aided in trying to curb this on-going concern about Northern Dogs.  I, Cindy Cherry have had the pleasure of attending their 2017  Gala and met the DeZoete sisters and their dedicated group of volunteers.  To witness their compassion, it’s no wonder they just celebrated their 1100th adoption accomplished in just four years of existence.  Please check out their informative website at www.findingthemhomes.com.