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Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Much can be said about Elderdog’s dedication to aging dogs & people, and the special bond they can share.  But nothing  says more than the 2 stories below, to show how companionship works both ways.



As a senior I had come to the conclusion that I could no longer provide a home for dogs that had always been so dear to me.  For many years we always had room for “just one more” dog.  And our house was not a home without a dog to love. Clothes covered with dog hair was a sign they loved us. I came to realize that those I wanted to be friends with were those who loved animals. If my dog didn’t like or trust them, that was good enough for me.  Through the years we experienced the heartbreak of having to say goodbye to our beloved dogs.  Each time we said we “could never face that again” and yet we did; our house seemed so lonely without them.  And so it was in 2014, when I had to face the reality of being 74 years old and diagnosed with the serious disease of cancer.  It was now that I so desperately needed the comfort of a dog–the love and loyalty only they can provide–but it seemed unreasonable to adopt a young dog for whom I may not be able to provide a “forever home.” Hugging my grand-daughter’s stuffed dog was helpful but didn’t really return the hugs.  I needed and wanted something more.


It was through Facebook that I discovered ElderDog Canada and saw that they are dedicated to aging people (like me) and aging dogs like my 12-year old beautiful Mataeo. I needed a smaller dog who I could hold and pat and cuddle and love.  When I saw photos of Mataeo, I knew it was a match.  I quickly sent an adoption application, I held out hope, and it was approved.


Mataeo  is a part of our home and our hearts now. He and I have both had a “second chance.”  He lets me know every day that he loves me and I try to show him what a gift he is to me.  It is my sincere hope that he and I will grow much older together. You are my Best Boy, Mataeo, and I love you!!!!!


ElderDog  provided Mataeo with much-needed dental care even though this is a volunteer organization who depends on fund-raising and donations to cover their costs.   Sometimes it takes us much too long to discover the best things in life.  ElderDog is most certainly one of those and they will be our charity of choice in the future.





Fourteen-year old Brandy came to ElderDog’s attention through a phone call from a kind neighbour. Brandy’s human companion had been hospitalized for some months and Brandy was living on her own.  A relay of drivers took Brandy to a foster home, where, for several more months, she was pampered, groomed, and exercised by Foster Mum, Leslie, and received necessary veterinary care. To know Brandy is to love Brandy. She is a gentle, sweet-tempered senior with a beautiful spirit and a love of life.


So, when Brandy was ready for a new forever home, it wasn’t easy for Leslie to let her go. How convenient that Trudy–a senior who had recently lost her canine companion and was ready to adopt Brandy–lived very near Leslie! How lucky for Brandy that she would have two Mums to dote on her. But wait, it gets better. When Trudy had an injury that interfered with her regular walks with Brandy, ElderDog volunteers and, of course, Leslie, stepped up to help Trudy with Brandy’s care. People drove long distances for scheduled walks with Brandy and to help in other ways needed. As one of the volunteers observed, “It’s only an hour’s drive!”


In Brandy’s world, the expression, “It takes a community…” couldn’t be truer.