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Cat Therapy Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

The importance of receiving donated food for all the foster homes out there.

This registered charity specializes in cats with special needs, cats from overcrowded shelters, abandoned cats, and owner surrenders that are at risk of euthanasia. Their goal is to help change the lives of the animals they rescue and the lives of those who have adopted them.  In 2018 they adopted out nearly 1000 cats into loving homes.


As with most reputable rescues, one of their goals is to educate the average cat owner.  Their website is full of interesting information that most people would never know. (including the person writing this article, Cindy Cherry). For instance, who knew not to put their water near their food or kitty litter box because cats instinctively think the water is contaminated if it is.  Let alone that if their dishes are made out of plastic, they run the risk of getting cat “acne”?  They teach you the value of toys for stimulation that they would otherwise experience in the outside environment.  Because we all know that responsible cat owners don’t let their cats roam! The tidbits they give you are endless, so please check them out at:



Airport arrival of kennels full of kittens that were going to be euthanized from a small poor town’s local shelter.  (Probably cheaper than spay or neutering them all)

33 cats trapped in one day at a dairy farm. (I guess the farmer’s priority wasn’t barn cats).

Cat Hoarders, the bane of all legitimate cat rescue organization.