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Carter’s Forever

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Molly and Mags, 2 of the 7 bull terriers rescued from a “breeder/kennel”.  And may we add, “a repeat offender” of such abuse.

All rescue groups have their tales of horror, such as this one written by the founder of Carter’s Forever Rescue that we received.   


That is why we at this Foundation distribute money to these smaller, under profiled groups that get no recognition for the work they do.


We find it a privilege to share these stories and teach the public to admire and support these dedicated people that devote their lives in such causes.


Unedited email received to Founder Cindy Cherry, after requesting more info on these dogs and their rescue that she had heard about at a charity event.

“They have eye infections.  We need to do blood tests on to see what’s going on inside.  They have open sores from being on cement.  Swollen paws.  Cement callus’s   Either knee or him issues on 2-3 of them.  Out of the 7 only 3 will walk. The others are belly crawling.  There mouths are infected and prob almost everyone will need a major dental.  The person who picked up (transporter) could smell urine in the drive.  They have urine burns on paws.  The kennels were outdoor.  The first night here I gave all a big comfy blanket.  (see pictures) Never heard a peep from any.  They never have been in the warmth with a blanket to sleep. The one little girls eyes are so infected I’m hoping she doesn’t or hasn’t lost her vision.  The older girl moves at the pace of a turtle.  Her mouth is so rotten it’s painful to watch her eat. You can hear her breath.  I’m also hoping the urine has caused respiratory issues. They have such amazing temps and heartbreaking to see them.”

So folks, for more info, or how you can assist this 100% volunteer based CRA registered charity, plus for a must read,  check out one of their volunteer’s blog titled: “Rescue-Not for the Faint of Heart