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Carma Cat Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

CARMA is an all-volunteer organization. Each community-based chapter raises the necessary operating funds in the community it serves. In 2019, two new community-based chapters joined the CARMA organization bringing their current chapter total to 15 (They began with two chapters, one of each side of the NB-NS border.) The complexity of overseeing 15 groups dispersed over two provinces has necessitated revisions to their original Constitution and Guidelines and the development of a set of By-laws to ensure conformity and adherence to their mission and protocols. It is this type of regimented protocol that this Foundation admires. Plus, they have appointed a Steering Committee to guide them as they try to humanely and responsibly help Maritime communities. CARMA chapters face the particular challenge of working in rural and small-town environments in two of Canada’s poorest provinces. This leads to having an indifference to stray and feral cats, a high rate of pet cat abandonment, plus with the failing farms cats and kittens are left behind. As we all know, spring is the critical time for managing community cat populations, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, as with all rescue organizations, they have particular challenges. Their Trap-Neuter-Return program is currently on hold. Veterinary services are limited to emergency cases only and normal fundraising activity is impossible yet, requests for help comes in daily. When they do resume their TNR program, you can be sure the numbers of cats and kittens needing spay/neuter surgery and other veterinary attention will be overwhelming, while their revenues will be significantly down. That is why we here at this Foundation are diligent in the distribution of funds in these times of limited fundraising activities.

If you would like us to continue funding these much deserving groups, that you may never have known exist if they weren’t recognized on this website, please click here:

A product of feral cat colonies.

“ya gotta do, what you gotta do” to raise those bucks and it’s come to this.

On April 25th, (World Veterinary Day) a special “thank you” from the Fredericton Chapter of Carma, went out to all the vets in Fredericton area, that participates in their successful clinics.