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Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Facts & Stats & Reality

This non-profit registered charity is dedicated to rescuing felines that would ordinarily be euthanized and to promote the wellness of animals in the district of Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.


They also service aboriginal communities in remote locations which do not have access to veterinary care. Animals are received via cargo planes at a cost per animal and relocated to a safe environment. Plus they do what all responsible pet rescue groups do and that is to educate the public on the need to spay and neuter and promote responsible pet ownership.


They focus on domestic pets, stray and feral cats by providing veterinary care which includes vaccinations, spay/neuter (when age appropriate), feline leukemia testing, de-worming and assessment of overall health of the animals they rescue. Once vetted, the cats are placed for adoption. In 2019 they rescued and rehomed 335 cats. Those cats which cannot be adopted out due to illness or temperament are given shelter and loving care in one of their sanctuaries. Their rescue is entirely volunteer run, with every cent raised going towards the upkeep and well-being of the innocent animals in their care which is why we were more than happy to give them a grant.


View their adoptables at https://caringheartscatrescue.ca/adopt/available-for-adoption/ 


We ourselves have limited reserves to distribute funds throughout Canada, so please consider a cash donation to us, so we can help more groups like Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

Yet, a Hoarder will say, “They just love cats”.

Behind the scenes of assisting Feral Cats. What do they say about “many hands”?

Now that’s utilizing your backyard.

A Cattery Sanctuary.

Of course the Sanctuaries need to be indoor/outdoor due to those Thunder Bay winters.