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Canine Action Project

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Canine Action Project (CAP) is a Canadian registered charity that assists First Nations communities in Saskatchewan to work towards optimal health for their people, animals and the environment. This is accomplished through educational outreach, onsite spay/neuter clinics and collaborative efforts.


 In 2018, 151 female dogs were spayed and 51 male dogs were neutered through their various available programs. Additionally, 12 female cats and 16 male cats were spayed/neutered for a grand total of 230 sterilized animals in our target communities. All animals received their annual and rabies vaccinations, deworming and tattoos for identification. Because of these efforts there has been a 38% decrease in the number of stray/surrendered animals in this area.


They are forever expanding their reach throughout Saskatchewan, including 4 First Nations Communities so they can assist them in implementing a more humane and sustainable dog management practices.


For info on this well organized group, please click here: www.canineactionproject.com

Grooming is another way to spell RELIEF.

Misery up North, is so easily ignored.

Just think every one of these people are volunteers.  Makes you wonder how you spend your spare time, doesn’t it?