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Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

This organization focuses its efforts on animals that have been abused or neglected, heavily medicated cases from the euthanasia list at local humane societies, and puppy mill survivors. They are often the only hope for elderly animals and for those with medical and/or behavioral needs. They operate largely through a foster-based rehabilitation system, meaning that their animals are cared for in loving foster homes – not in kennels – before being placed in their forever homes.

BCFS is run entirely by volunteers – there are no salaried employees. They receive no government funding and are completely reliant on individual donations to continue their work. That is why we were so happy to be able to assist them.  100% of our grant went directly to helping these animals via food and veterinary care, which is quite significant.  Vet costs could include surgeries of every kind, extensive antibiotic & heartworm treatments, plus basic examinations, vaccinations, deworming, and of course spay/neutering.


As with most reputable rescue organizations, they also have a mandate to serve as an educative resource in the community by promoting responsible, caring, and compassionate attitudes towards animals. This includes an emphasis on the importance of regular veterinary care, immunizations, heartworm treatment for dogs, nutrition, positive behavior training, and spaying and neutering. Community engagement with all groups is very important and this group hits all the marks in being a must in any community. South Western Ontario is lucky to have them.


For more info on them go to: www.beavercreekfarm.co

Pictured with Chevy and Elsa is Heidi the mini-horse with major dental issues.

A for instance, of why we need to support organizations like Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

When rescued she had severe frostbite on her ears.