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Beagle Paws

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Location: Paradise,NF- “Lexi “, used to live in this terrible, all too common outdoor pen, now since coming into the care of Beagle Paws she has been adopted to a loving family who loves and respects her, for the living creature she is.

The Founder, Sheila Lewis, had a vision, and made it her mission to bring the beagle breed indoors in the Provence of Newfoundland and Labrador.   Her promotion of the Beagle as, “more than hunting dogs, they are pets too!”, attracted a lot of attention.  Other passionate Beagle lovers came forward with offers to help.  In January of 2003 Beagle Paws organization was officially launched.


Since then over 2300 beagles have been adopted out.  78%of the dogs that they rescue are not spayed or neutered and/or require extensive veterinary care.  They have an average of 50 dogs in their care at one time.  All have to spayed and neutered and in overall good health before an adoption can be completed.  Once again, this is another whole category of unwanted or used up animals: The Hunting Dog.


Once its usefulness to its owner is over, what becomes of them all? Thank goodness there are organizations like this to see the problem, and act on it.  That is why it is with much pleasure that we could assist them in their never-ending stream of vet bills.

Please check them out at: www.beaglepaws.com