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Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

There is certain criteria and responsibilities in being a Foundation that collects money and then gives it away. A lot of this criteria is governed by CRA regulations, Board of Directors’ scrutiny., and hard facts of financial stability. All these facts are taken in consideration when Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation distributes its funds.


There is however another factor that cannot be laid out truthfully on paper or the internet., and that is the truth of one’s reputation. For those facts I go to a network of  people that are in the “trenches”, as the founder of this organization Don Cherry calls them.  These people know the truth out there about many of these rescue groups.  The good, the bad and the ugly and what  differentiates one  rescue organization from a hoarder of unwanted dogs and cats. The determination is based on facts, but reputation has a lot to do with it.  Trust me, Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation’s procedures follows all the legal requirements and Animalert comes through with flying colors.


But beside that  I have met and broke bread (meaning  an evening at Milestones!) and shared our stories of the state of unwanted pets in Canada with Animalert volunteers Shirley MacLean and Carole Dutton seen in this picture with me. It comes to a point when they start trying to top each ones story of heartache., I then have to say., “stop, I can’t take anymore!” We then try to change the topic  for the stories are  painful to hear, and one can only take so much.  We all try  do our part.  My part was to start up this Foundation, and rely on people like you to assist me in helping organizations like Animalert


Their website is very informative and I truly love it.  I can tell they have been around for a while., because they address a lot of hard questions that you know they have had to answer in the past. Such as why is their adoption fee so much higher than a shelter?  Why do you have to know how many adults live in my house? How many hours a week do I work? You would be surprise how many people resent these questions, and their standard line is., you don’t have to answer these type of questions to have a child, but I do when it comes to having a pet!  Well, my theory is, maybe there should be. Some people put more thought into what kind of car to get then realizing this pet will be part of the family for a good 10 years.


Their Foster Program plays a major role in their success, and once again they define what makes a good foster home, and are you cut out for this type of commitment.  It is their straight shooting, pull no punches website and the people that I have meant in their organization, that Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation is proud to support them, because of people like you that have faith in our system of giving your money to well-deserved organizations.

Letter from Bill Warder, Animalert Trustee:

This past summer Animalert Pet Adoptions received a generous donation from Don Cherry’s Foundation. Please pass along our profound thanks to Mr. Cherry & your team. These funds were used to help several animals. The first group of 6 pure bred Newfoundlands were transferred into our care. Their owners/care-givers both passed away after months of dealing with serious health issues. During this time, the dogs were housed in a barn but were generally neglected. A Good Samaritan stepped in and Animalert volunteers arranged for emergency grooming (they were very dirty & badly matted), vet care (eye & ear infections, mange, spayed/ neutered) and foster placement. To date, 5 dogs have been re-homed with 1 more adoption pending. All of these big, lovable dogs (and their drool) have moved on to loving homes where they are being duly spoiled.


Also, a group of kitties were rescued from a garage. The property owner actually called a pest control company who came and live-trapped Elsie and her four kittens. The property owner simply wanted them “gone”. One of our volunteers heard they were in the trap in the back of a pick-up truck on their way to another “pest control” stop in the City of Sarnia. Our volunteer contacted the pest control company who alerted the driver and one of our foster parents in Strathroy met the driver on his way to Sarnia and transferred the feline family into her car. Now, we can report that all four kittens & Elsie have been treated at the vet, spayed/neutered and placed in permanent homes.


The funds we received from your Foundation went directly to care for these animals so please be assured it was money well spent.


If you would like pictures of some of these animals, please ask.

To learn more about the work done by Animalert Pet Adoptions, please go to www.animalert.ca  We have been active in the London area since 1977 and are 100% volunteer driven.


Kindest regards,

Bill Warder, Trustee