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Animal Justice

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Of course it started Nov. 4th, 2015, with Don Cherry, my Dad, tweeting about a woman being arrested for giving water to pigs that were sweltering in a slaughter trailer. Click here to read about this story.   Update on this story: Canadian Activist was Acquitted of Criminal Charges for Giving Water to Thirsty Pigs Bound for Slaughter



I admired them then, but soon they gave me a call wondering if Dad could bring some attention to the plight of 24 Pit Bulls in Chatham that were destined to be destroyed, if no light was to be shed on this unfair saga. Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun does a great article informing people on the quest of Animal Justice stepping up to bat and going to court to help these dogs out.


Over a year later, due to the back log of our courts here in Canada, these dogs are still considered evidence in a trial of their captors who fought them.  Once again, it’s the animals that suffer for the misdeeds of humans. Click here to find out more about these PitBulls.


Camille Labchuck, executive director of Animal Justice, was a force behind trying to get Bill C246 past that modernizes Animal Cruelty Laws that haven’t had a significant update since 1954. One of her calls is to her friends at Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation and asks if Don Cherry would do a video informing people how to contact their local MP’s to get behind this Bill., plus twitter it to Don’s 720,000 + followers. Plus go to our great friend Joe at the Sun again, to do an article.  Click here to read Joe’s Article


Alas, this bill does not pass due largely  to the lobbyists from powerful organizations and now there is a continuation of Canada importing Shark Fins, dog and car fur, ect., the list is endless in the sadness of how backward and vague our Cruelty laws are in this country.


The point is this:  When you support Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, we support in giving organizations money, plus assisting them in publicity as we did with Animal Justice.  Plus educating the public of social injustices when it comes to animals, and we even support other organizations in their fundraising events.  So please, when you are confused on what animal welfare organization to assist, think of us., we do our best to make sure donation goes to worthwhile causes.

Read more about the failure of Bill C-246 in Cindy’s Blog.