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Ruby – Vet Bill

As this Foundation becomes more well known throughout the years, we receive many requests.  Most are from rescue groups from across Canada that are saving not only dogs and cats, but farm animals, reptiles, pocket pets, birds, and so much more. For that we are thankful. But we also get inquires from individuals finding themselves in a predicament, such a Ruby’s owner.

Below is one such email and here is her story:

“I adopted an American Bully x Australian Shepard. She is now six months old. I find myself with health issues that will affect my ability to keep Rubie well exercised. Do you have any suggestions on how I can facilitate rehoming? Thank you”

She then proceeded to give us a very in-depth description of Rubie’s personality traits, the state of her training, like and dislikes, and an update on her health. 


We are quite proud of how quickly we respond to such emails. As we know, it’s best these types of predicaments reach out to a rescue, then trying to sell such a dog on Kijiji.  No doubt she could have made money on this dog, but instead was more concerned about finding it a good home. She knew that any reputable Rescue would go through a thorough screening process of any potential adopter.


We then reached out to our friend, Brenda at Rescue Dog Match, who we have supported in the past. Click here for their info:




She was more then willing to take on the task of finding Rubie a home. Seeing that she was only 6 months old, and soon would be coming into season, we did not feel it was fair that Brenda take on the expense of paying to have her spayed. So, we were more then happy to foot the bill for this expense.  In no time at all, she was soon re-homed, in what we hope really will be her “forever” home.