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Walmart came on board after thoughtful negotiations between Simply Pets and the Walmart executives who were willing to listen to why they should carry Simply Pets products. It was with great excitement to hear that not only would they sell the product but they would help bring public attention to the work of the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation.


Walmart’s early partnership with Don Chery’s Pet Rescue Foundation starting on March 1st, 2015 demonstrated their leadership as a great advocate to help us meet our goal of assisting rescue groups and helping to make Canada a better place for animals.


Everyone knows there are several pet treats to choose from. We hope that you will consider the Simply Pets treats that have the benefit of not only being made in Canada but where the proceeds, thanks to Don Cherry, come to the Foundation and this in turn will help us reach our goal of assisting pet rescue efforts in Canada. Every purchase adds to that goal. To find out more about these treats visit your local Walmart or check them out by clicking here >


For more about  Walmart’s relationship with Simply Pets and Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, click here >

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and this little boy means it.  Note the Don Cherry Bobblehead he’s holding, that somehow made its way to him for his effort.

Don and Walmart’s employees at the Launch of Walmart supporting our causes.

Walmart’s executive team.

Walmart executives Walter Bockl Consumables D8/Pets, beside Don, with Adelaide Sa Senior Category Manager, Cindy Cherry President of the Foundation, and  Bryan Green( far right) owner of Simply Pet Products.