Nat’s Rescue Story

Nat was five years old when she was rescued from a puppy mill.  She was locked in a cage for her whole life with a male dog with the sole purpose of reproducing “Tea Cup” Yorkshire Terrier puppies to sell.  We put “Tea Cup”in quotes, to let everyone know this is a slang term used when sellers of tiny Yorkies want to be  paid premium prices for breeding runts to runts.  Needless to say, a very risky and dangerous practice for the pregnant mother.   


She was badly abused by the puppy mill owners, who used to kick the dogs if they barked too much.  She was never exercised, groomed, or socialized, so it was quite a challenge for her foster home to get her ready for adoption.


When the rescue agency went in with the police to shut the operation down, they noticed that Nat’s teeth were  badly damaged from being abused by her captors. Sadly, all of her teeth had to be removed in order to prevent even further infection and discomfort for her. She now requires a special diet to accommodate her toothless grin. She also had a condition called patella luxation, common in small  dogs, but for  sure spending the first years of her life in a tiny cage with no exercise  helped to accelerate this disease.


Once rescued, she was placed in a foster home. These people are the unsung heroes when it comes to dog rescue.  They rehabilitate  these dogs to get them “ready” for their forever home.


Luckily, Nat was eventually adopted by one of our Board Members, that could accommodate her special needs, and spoil her in the way she so rightly deserves.  To read about Nat’s new mom, please click here