Loki’s Rescue Story

Loki was found wondering the streets all alone with no tags, no chip and eating whatever he could find on the street for food. No one was looking for him and no one claimed him. He was put in an overcrowded shelter where he didn’t have a lot of time as they needed to make room.


When he was rescued he had such severe separation anxiety when left alone that he would chew anything he could find because he was so stressed that he would be left to fend for himself once again. He suffered from food and toy aggression brought on by fighting for any morsel of food that he would come across to survive. Each treat or toy would see Loki hoarding it in a small place that only he could fit to ensure it would not be taken away from him. Slowly with lots of love and patience he is beginning to realize that he wouldn’t be abandoned any longer and his separation anxiety is slowly diminishing.


He now shares his toys and treats without issue knowing there is plenty to go around. Loki was adopted into a family with 5 kids and 3 other rescue buddies. He is finally realizing that his forever home is just that…forever.