Chester’s Rescue Story

It’s hard to imagine ever losing your home, but this is what happened to sweet Chester. Chester’s family lost theirs due to financial hardship. Emotionally distressed, the family found it very difficult to take care of Chester and rebuild their life at the same time. This unfortunate situation led to Chester being put in a high-kill shelter.


His home, his family, his routine and his wonderful life disappeared in an instant. Chester was so confused, he didn’t know what happened. Everything familiar was gone. Frightened and insecure in a loud, unknown, lonely place where bigger dogs didn’t have a good chance of survival.


Then, one day, Chester’s luck changed. Chester had these beautiful almond-shaped eyes that captured the heart of his foster mom. Chester was finally rescued and fostered by someone who saw Chester’s potential and how much love he had to give. Through hours of patience and TLC, this emotionally damaged pet, was able to come back, and become adoptable.


After several adoption events, he still didn’t have his forever home but, at least, he was safe. Finally, a family that was torn between getting a rescue dog and getting a puppy decided they had room in their hearts for both.


Not only, did Chester now have a new loving family, but he also had an instant brother that he could teach and lead. Chester is now happy and living a beautiful life with his forever family who loves him as he deserves to be loved.


Foster rescuers are the back bone of pet rescue and their relentless will rehabilitate dogs like Chester.