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Suzi The PitBull

Suzi Pitbull.

Safe arrival in New Brunswick

Meet Suzi.  She was a 2 yr. old stray when she was picked up by animal control in the summer of 2017.  She lingered in the Pound for over ½ year.  While there she took the SAFER test ( safety assessment for evaluating rehoming) which is used to analyze a dog’s behavior accurately and efficiently  there-by improving the chances that an adopted dog will remain in its new home. She fared pretty well and with some formal training some behaviors could be easily modified.


For instance, she showed some signs of being possessive of her new found toys, but what street dog wouldn’t be., you could say she came by it honestly. She also liked to  tug at her leash when being walked, and being a bully type breed,  was also very physical in a playful way with the assessor. What was important is that she did well with other dogs.  She can get excited, play bows, smiles and wiggles all over. She loves playing fetch and is very smart, and it was noted she was likely to require high amounts of mental stimulation to keep her busy. She is was not destructive in her run and she appeared to be crate trained as she was cooperative with being placed in a run. She is toy motivated but not food motivated and she knew some basic commands but required some leash training.


She is sweet and loving but can be shy when  meeting people for the first time, but who could blame her.  Who knows what horrors she saw while running the roads. It was because of her great personality the staff soon fell in love with her and knew they had to get her out of Ontario.  Her chances for adoption were slim, not because of her assessment but because of the Breed Specific legislation on Ontario. For Cindy’s view on Breed Specific Legislation Laws


The staff found an OSPCA branch in New Brunswick that was willing to take her.


Now they just had to find the money to pay to have her shipped out there.  That is when they contacted this Foundation, and we were more than happy to foot the bill and  happy to report she was adopted Feb. 13th, 2018.