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Sophie’s Rescue Story

When Don Cherry saw Sophie’s picture, he, like so many other people, felt here is a picture that represents what the Foundation is all about.  Her story reflects the lives of so many discarded pets. There is a need out there to educate people about the plight of so many homeless pets.  If it weren’t for the Rescue Groups, like the one that saved Sophie, she would not be alive today. So we here at Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue would like to share one dog’s story on how she found her forever home.


At six weeks of age, sweet little Sophie, a beautiful Cane Corso Mastiff, had such a severe eye injury that the Breeder had to surrender her to a vet hospital. The hospital team took it upon themselves to save the pup by removing her eye to relieve the pain. Fortunately for Sophie, they knew enough to contact The Dog Rescuers Inc to place her in their foster care program. But first, Sophie’s eye had to heal so that she could be fit enough for adoption. Waiting for her was a family that had experience taking care of another dog battling terminal cancer. When they met Sophie, they were immediately smitten by this amazing one-eyed wonder that captures hearts wherever she goes. The two boys in this family have experienced great pride and joy in helping to train Sophie to become the great canine citizen that she is. Today, Sophie is one very happy and spoiled girl!


If only all dogs could be as lucky as Sophie ending up in a happy and safe home with a family dedicated to her well-being and care. Sadly this isn’t always the case. The Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation believes it’s important to share Sophie’s story and stories of others like her. More people should know about how important it is to support rescue groups and give more animals a chance to be loved. Don and all of us here, have a desire to help all of those people trying to make things right for pets that need to be matched with their forever family. Together with you and Don, we can assist people working in the trenches every day striving to make Canada a better place for animals.

Don with Sophie’s adopted family, and Joan of the Dog Rescuers Inc.,  who saved Sophie from her tragic eye injury.

Sophie – before.