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Sarge’s Rescue Story

When the Foundation asked Sarge’s rescuer, for a biography of their charming French Bulldog, here is what they received with a flare that only good friend Lorrie could put together. Enjoy!


Name: Sarge

Breed: French Bulldog

Age & Weight: 7 years old (born Mar 23, 2000) 40 lbs

Profession: Home Security

Personality: Alpha

Hobbies: Chewing, sleeping, long walks on the beach, rolling in the snow.

Family: Barry, Lorrie, Kyle and Katie Locke


“Sarge introduced himself to us 4 years ago at a Dog Care Farm when I was picking up my Boston Terrier, Max. Sarge saw me with Max and began talking to us in a funny dog bark/growl until we noticed him. The Farm owner mentioned for the past 3 months that she was actively looking for a new home for Sarge on behalf of his owner since they could not manage his personality with their 1 year old and a new baby on the way. Apparently Sarge takes his role as ‘protector’ very seriously and began scaring away people when they approached the baby.


We took Sarge home that day and in a very short time, Sarge adopted us as his new family and got along well with his new step-brother Max. He is still very protective, but with a better understanding of his personality, we were able to manage his behaviour and turn him into a wonderful addition to our family. We are thankful for the individuals in our community that are concerned for pets who need a home as we found our perfect pet in Sarge!”


Lorrie Locke




Though Sarge lead a charmed life right up to his last days, not all dogs have the same fate.  His story of being given up when this owners have a baby is a very common one.  Put his strong personality  together with owners that don’t have kids ( Urban Dictionary refers to these types as DINKS-double income no kids) and you have a mixture of disaster ready to happen.


These types spoil the dog as if it’s their “baby” and think his traits are cute, then a baby comes and look out. These naïve people then just can’t figure it out why the dog won’t “accept” their new bundle of joy. Click here for my interview addressing this very issue, or better yet, click here to learn more about their website https://landmarkbehaviour.com/wags-giggles-for-babies ….a Prenatal Course for you and your dog!


Thank goodness Sarge was very lucky to come  across his adoptive family that understood the challenges dogs face when a new baby comes into the family dynamics. Not all dogs are as lucky. Sarge has passed on now, but his legacy lives on  with him becoming a Simply Pets Packaging Rescue Dog.

Sure Maw, I’m having fun.

Lorrie Locke and her fur babies

Sarge, R.I.P.