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Red’s Rescue Story

His name is Big Red.  He was found as a stray by the Kitchen-Waterloo humane society.   Very underweight, lumps and sores all over his body, gum and teeth problems, he was in tough shape.   He had 7-8 teeth removed, several lumps also taken off him. He endured numerous medicated bathes to soothe his inflamed skin due to his an  extensive flea allergy.  He slowly put on weight and became a favorite among the staff.  They named him H.O.G., short for handsome old guy., since they figured he was about 11 years old.    Though a street dog, they recognized his mannerly ways, something you can’t teach a dog.  In my experience with dogs, you can train them, but I recognize when a dog has instinctive manners, and he had them.  Pasted over for adoption for several months,  the staff soon kept him in their offices to keep him happy, since he craved human contact.   My son heard of this special dog, and knew it was the dog for him.  We had an extensive interview process on our capability  of pet adoption.  I have heard many people complain about, what  they call an interrogation of their worthiness of pet ownership. They think, they don’t have to go through this to have kids, why should they have to for a pet.    These misguided people don’t understand how many of these pets are returned, because they don’t “fit” someone’s lifestyle.  Most Rescue Groups perform home checks.  Again, some people resent this.  Those are the same people that think they shouldn’t have to pay for the pet, cause they are saving it’s life.   Rescue people recognize this mindset, and often refuse the adoption.  I am explaining all this, because this Foundation also has a mandate to educate people.  So please, if you ever hear someone knock the adoption process, please explain this concept to them.


As for HOG, though as handsome as ever, his new name is Red., and living out his twilight years in bliss.  Who knows how he spent the first decade of his life, we will never know, but what we do know now, he is a very happy dog.

Foundation’s President Cindy Cherry with her son Del, adopting Red at the Waterloo/Kitchener Humane Society who’s time there was running out.

Red, on his way home from the Pound.  He behaved liked the stoic dog he is.