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Gus’ Story- Jurassik Bark Rescue

This Foundation also assists groups in paying for their never-ending vet bills. One such example is supporting Jurassik Bark Rescue in Vernon, B.C. Like in so many cases, rescue groups take on dogs and their expenses to get them ready for adoption when the owners of such dogs have taken the easy way out, and just say, “PTS it” (put to sleep).


Here is one such story:


Gus was only just about 5 months old when he came to Jurassik Bark rescue. At the time of his intake, he had been suffering with the effects of Parvo for a few weeks due to his family declining any treatment upon his initial diagnosis. When they decided to bring him back as he was mere skin and bones and too weak to walk, they decided to euthanize as his chance of survival was relatively low. Thankfully the vet they used was one that had worked with Jurassik Bark Rescue organization in the past and thought that perhaps they would take on such a cause. The vet then asked the owners of Gus if they would surrender him to this organization, for he knew they would give Gus a fighting chance to live. The vet felt he had a less than 50/50 chance of survival based on his state upon intake, so he spent a few weeks in the vet hospital receiving around the clock care for much of it. After a few weeks he improved enough to move into a foster home to finish his recovery.


At the time of this writing he is fully recovered, plus vaccinated & neutered at a cost of $3694.68, & waiting to find a home that he so rightly deserves


Please check out this organization’s adoptables, that terms itself as a Senior & Special Needs Dog Rescue