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Pictured here is Carly-Founder of Coveted Sanctuary being quoted:

“This little baby lost his fight to live but will never ever be forgotten. He was our sickest baby from the beginning and even though we took care of him 24 hours a day with a multitude of support from our vets, friends and volunteers we were unable to keep this beautiful baby alive.”

Coveted Kennels and Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ontario is not only a “boutique” dog boarding facility and doggie daycare, but a sanctuary for many neglected, homeless, abused and displaced animals. Donkeys, chickens, guinea hens, peacocks, pigs, plus dogs and cats have found refuge there. So, after a trip to a farm looking to add a duck to their menagerie, they now have goats and 1 turkey. This unique hotel for dogs is situated on 30 acres of fields, trees, ponds, and gardens. They offer in-home and a cage-free boarding experience in a large Victorian home built in 1850 to produce funding to save more animals. Please check them out at https://covetedkennelsandsanctuary.com/about/ .


The baby goats pictured here were rescued after the owner’s daughter wanted a duck. So, they went to a local farm that had fowl for sale. Unbeknownst to this animal rescuer this was also a goat farm. Now a goat farm can sell two things, goat’s milk and meat. When born, the does (aka as nannies) are kept for their future milk production, but most male kids are headed for human consumption. These poor babies as you can see from the kiddy pool, are kept in filthy quarters and much abused, for their value only comes at the end of their life when fatten and butchered for meat. The horror and reality was too much for Carly, founder of said sanctuary, and she bought 4 four week old and 2 one week old kids, plus she couldn’t leave behind the turkey Tywala (pictured) for she knew she was going to meet her fate onto someone’s dining room table.


When this Foundation heard the plight of these poor creatures, we had to assist in paying for the vet invoices. One of the baby goats didn’t make it so this page is dedicated to the Loving Memory of Banjo pictured here with Carly.

Could they be any skinnier & still be alive?

Tywala the turkey was also saved from a life of misery & someone’s dinner.

After some heavy-duty vet care and some TLC from the Coveted Sanctuary these goats are thriving as you can see from these pics that were posted on their Facebook page, along with a warm hearted thank you to us from their Founder and rescuer, Carly Werle.